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Thank you for considering Corona Handpiece Sales & Repair, Inc. to be your handpiece repair center.

Corona Handpiece Sales & Repair, Inc. was established in 1995. We have over 40 years combined repair experience repairing more than 125,000 handpieces. We stock thousands of parts so you can be assured that your Handpiece will be repaired correctly and returned to you quickly. We pride ourselves with our commitment to our customers. Quality, service and price are all issues when considering a repair center. At Corona Handpiece Sales & Repair, Inc. we have it all. A Satisfied customer is a returning customer

Handpiece Request
Rebuild & Overhauls

Highspeed Rebuild:

From 69.00
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Slowspeed Overhauls:
From 128.00
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Sharpining & Re-tipping

Sharping Service:
From 22.95

From 25.95
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We sell many brands of new and used Highspeed and Slow Speed handpieces at very competitive prices.
We also sharpen and retip your pliers/cutters and scissors.
You can now purchase a new handpiece, repair your current handpieces and have your instruments sharpen at one location.

Corona Handpiece Sales and Repair, Inc.
Where new customers become regular customers.


Major causes of handpiece failure are:

  • Lack of proper lubrication

  • Excessive air pressure

  • Sterilization

  • Being dropped

  • Ran with bent bur or no bur at all

Handpiece maintenance is the key to survivability. By properly cleaning and lubricating your handpiece before sterilization, you insure that it will have a long life and run at its best... Read More

Handpiece Tips to Remember
Always insure that the handpiece has a good pliable backend gasket....
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Interested in learning handpiece repair as a business
Corona Handpiece Sales and Repair, Inc. can train you to repair the most common highspeeds, slow speed and attachments. Learn more

Major Causes of Handpiece Failure
Dental handpieces have many reasons for failure but the ..... Read More

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