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Corona Handpiece Sales & Repair, Inc was established in 1995 by Karl Wiese. Karl was a Production Manager with an engineering background for one of Southern California’s largest dental handpiece manufacturers and repair facilities. He understands the high-quality materials and exacting parts tolerances that are needed for dental handpieces to function properly. After 3 years he realized that he could fill the niche between the large Dental dealers and the Dental offices. He would provide the needed knowledgeable personal services with the direct prices that the Dentist desired.

Corona Handpiece Sales & Repair, Inc. was started as a one-man home business and with hard work and commitment to our customers quickly grew from there. In 2007 we outgrew out of our home office and moved to our current location in Corona We have added employees including several repair technicians, office staff, and sales personnel. As a team, we have over 70 years of combined handpiece repair experience repairing over 275,000 of all types of high-speed, Slowspeed, Implant, Endo and Electric handpieces. We not only repair but sell many popular brands of handpieces and handpiece-related items to offices across the country.


At Corona Handpiece Sales & Repair, Inc our purpose is to provide high-quality handpiece repairs while educating office staff in the proper use, maintenance and functionality of the most important instrument in the dental office, The Handpiece.

A happy, satisfied customer is a returning customer.

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