Electric/Oral Surgery

We have been repairing most styles of pneumatic handpieces for over 19 years.

All handpieces are cleaned, disassembled, and inspected. All worn parts are replaced using only the highest quality aftermarket/ OEM components.
All High speeds are tested for concentricity, load, RPM, and bur hold
All Slowspeeds are checked using our Magtrol system for Torque and RPM.
We repair your handpieces to perform properly.

Scaler Services

Cleaned, and tested. Clear clogged waterlines, Replace quad rings and gaskets39.00
Rebuild Includes Replacing rotor, Gaskets, Crimp Rings, Tubing, Waterline brace, Clear lines, Cleaned and tested     99.00

Other Services
Electric handpieces and attachments, KaVo, NSK, W&H, Bien AirBy Estimate
Oral surgery style handpieces Halls, Styker       By Estimate