BonArt Art-E1 Electron Electrosurgery Unit

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Chosen by many dentists and veterinarians, the Electron (ART-E1) Electrosurgery Unit is a stand-alone device used for cutting and coagulating. It has 10 power level settings and 3 operating modes: Cut, Coag 1, and Coag 2.

The grounding plate (included) is required for operation.

ISO and CE Certified
510k registered

Device Name: Electron
Model number: ART-E1

Part Numbers:
110V Model Part Number: E1-1-ART-A1-70-0
220V Model Part Number: E1-2-ART-v-A1-70-0

Included Parts & Accessories:
Electron (ART E1) Main Unit
Power Cord
PP0031-002: Universal foot switch
EU0004-002: Indifference/ Grounding plate
EU0016-052: E1 blue handpiece
TE0002-002: Assorted electrode set of 7 (includes the following electrodes):
TE0001-012: T1 Diamond shaped electrode
TE0001-022: T2 Small loop electrode
TE0001-032: T3 Large loop electrode
TE0001-042: T4 Fine wire electrode
TE0001-052: T5 Heavy wire electrode
TE0001-072: T7 Oval loop electrode
TE0001-092: T9 Heavy ball electrode

Other Parts:
EU0013-002: Bipolar converter (not included). The bipolar converter does not convert the system to operate in bipolar mode. It merely allows bipolar prongs and hand pieces to be used with the ART-E1

Maximum power output: 50W (@ 400 ohm load)
Power supply: 110V±5% ~50/60Hz 92VA or 220V±5% ~50/60Hz 92VA
Work frequency: 1.5~1.7MHz±5%
Dimension (cm): 23(L) x 22.5(W) x 8.5(H)
Hand piece cable length: 190 cm
Indifference plate cable length: 190 cm
Weight: 12lbs


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