Shipping instructions

1. Completely fill out Handpiece repair. Ensure that contact names, numbers are listed.
2. List each handpiece individually.
3. List all serial numbers.
4. List know the problem.
5. Leave sterilized handpieces in pouches.
6. Insert Handpieces in shipping envelope or box with repair form.
7. Can ship up to 10 pcs per bag.
8. Seal Bag/ Once sealed you will not be able to open it.
9. Give to Postman.
10. Once received, if an estimate is requested you will receive a free quote on repairs.
11. Once approved your order will be put in for repair.
12. Once repaired your order will be shipped UPS/USPS to your office. If your Email is included you will receive a notification/tracking number.
13. We track all warranties.

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